Saturday, December 20, 2014

My Garden At Home in Brisbane

Of course, since receiving my scholarship I have extra energy for gardening, and less energy for everything else, lol.

Yesterday we dug out a patch of bamboo and turned it into two beds, one for a single vine of passionfruit, and a second bigger plot for Madagascar beans (a climbing bean), capsicum, lettuce and lemongrass. Oh and a row of California Poppies :)  Gracie helped me build the brick wall and plant seedlings.
And here is our beautiful backyard garden. Pretty messy. Self-seeded pumpkins are overgrowing. Basil keeps bolting to seed. The beautiful rosemary is growing well. Orange marigolds to repel harmful insects. Three small pots of thyme to support my culinary habit. And mint which I need to make better use of.

Rosemary, mint and Vietnamese basil.

One of our three Silky Bantam chooks.

Pumpkins taking over!

Planted lettuce & silverbeet seeds yesterday.

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